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History Of Real Estate Developer Troy McWhinney

TroyMcWhinney who is the co-founder of McWhinney is a force to reckon, and his exemplary leadership skills have helped soar the company to great heights. He handles several duties in the business such as investor relations, operational systems, strategic planning and also securing investment opportunities. Thanks to that, Troy now handles the entitlements of more than 5500 acres of land in Colorado. The property is comprised of more than 14000 housing units and around 20 million square feet for commercial development purposes.
For those who are just hearing about him, Troy is the chief investment officer and also one of the Co-founders of McWhinney real estate services company. The real estate company which also doubles up as an investment and Management Company was established in 1991 by Troy, his father Derek and also the brother, Chad. He has been at the center of its operations for more than two decades now and thus played an essential role in the development and planning of over …
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